Dresden trims

Wonderful borders and trims. Top-quality accessoires for decorating and creating vintage style cards, scrapbooking and many more


A great range of beautiful Dresden trims / foils / papers / German scrap - highly detailed, embossed embellishments and stlyes for every occasion

tiara & crowns

An assortement of amazing crowns,  glamorous tiaras and majestic angle wings for party supplies

jubilee numbers

Beautiful birthday / anniversary / jubilee numbers & wreaths, die-cutted and embossed for many occasions

Bouquet Holders

Wonderful bouquet holder / posy frills for all kind of flowers, candies and candles - especially as wedding supplies


Founded in 1872 by Mr. Friedrich Albert Kunze at Annaberg, Saxony - which is in the Dresden area (that gives the name to our products) -

the A. Kunze & Co. became one of the biggest paper companies in Germany.

After destroying and disposessioning in World War II, Kunze

Deco-Accessoires was new founded by Mr. Walter Kunze in

Amberg, Bavaria in 1954. Owing to his meticolous research Walter  managed to save and recreate the fantastic iron molds that were already used in the 19th century.

After continous growing, the company moved to new buildings in the industrial zone of Amberg.

The still family-operated company - already in fifth generation - combines today the modern technical opportunities for administration / distribuition with the traditional way of manufacturing.


With the production of Dresdens using vintage molds and machines, Kunze

Deco-Accessoires brings you an original product and save a piece of history until today. 

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Walter Kunze GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 6

92224 Amberg


phone: +49-9621-61818

fax: +49-9621-61855


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